Team PRK-1U

Ambassadors PRK-1U :

  • Isis: contact person Ile de France, lectures Grigori Grabovoï
  • Anne-Claire: contact person Belgium, Luxembourg, North-Eastern France 
  • Séverine: contact person Eastern France
  • Clarie: contact person North-Western France
  • Hélène: contact person Switzerland (French), certified teacher Grigori Grabovoi
  • Christian: for English speaking people worldwide via Zoom

Core Team :

  • Lucie: administration, organization of events, follow-up of new collaborators
  • Clément: follow-up of orders and logistics, wiki et follow-up of events
  • Stéphanie: finance and bookkeeping
  • Frédérique: technical support
  • Pascal: planning, industrialization, general coordination
  • Olivier: territorial support and development
  • Clarie: participation for definition of processes, scientific input
  • Christian: project coordination and communication, translations
  • Hélène: pedagogical content, animation and quality monitoring
  • Patrice: direction, development, international distribution PRK-1U

Supportive :

  • Annick: video editing, support community management
  • Delphine: technical follow-up site training, graphic design and communication
  • Céline: customer relations, editorial and literary input
  • Liliana: technical support
  • Lisa: video and sound recording
  • Pascal: video editing
  • Fred: expert Zoho CRM
  • Hanène: planning and coordination communication
  • Arnaud: AdWords campaigns
  • Pedja: logistics
  • Jovan: graphic designer and Art Director
  • Aleksandar: web developer and project manager
  • Ivan: web developer

Translations :

  • Carmen: Spanish translation 
  • Vittoria: Italian translation
  • Stéphanie: Russian translation
  • Ljubica: Serbian translation

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