Seminar in Belgrade from 25th April to 4th May 2019, led by Dr Viacheslav Konev.

"Grigori Grabovoi's Teaching on God. Feelings in Eternal Life".

The 10-day seminar in Belgrade with the 12 PRK-1U devices interconnected with 2 others (i.e. 14 interconnected devices) is such an accelerating process that I wish that as many people as possible can benefit from it.

Despite a joyful appeal in my heart, I hesitated a lot at the beginning because of the financial aspect. But I really don’t regret my choice.

I have been attending seminars with Dr Konev and Marina for 4 years. And this was a real boost, a prodigious acceleration!

I shared a rented apartment with 2 people who had never attended seminars before and I was amazed at how easily they integrated the teachings given by Dr Konev.

I finally realized, i.e. lived in my body, what eternal life is and therefore the importance of piloting to establish it now.

I perceived the ultra-fast, simultaneous and reciprocal exchanges between all the elements of the universe and how the future creates the present.

I feel an immense love and gratitude, a great joy towards the whole universe and all the elements that make it up.

I have seen that every element of reality, by its existence and action, is a hymn of praise to the Creator, even if it is not conscious of it.

Thanks to Grigori Grabovoi and all those who support him in his mission to the universe to reveal and work for eternal Life for all, total unity on all planes of existence.

Martine, May 2019

Testimonials from other seminars

“That’s what I can say about my experience with the PRK-1U… The PRK-1U allows quantum leaps beyond what is possible.  It materializes thought, our potentials, re-informs. Its doors will open to whoever is willing to see and feel. It enables concentration, more efficiency, less fatigue. It can be used in consciousness according to one’s goals. 
This extraordinary object: Its power is INFINITE… “

“Since I’ve been using the PRK-1U, a lot has happened in my life. My first goal was my professional achievement and the result has been above my expectations. Everything has accelerated, it’s as if life has created the opportunities corresponding to my soul’s desires. I am now doing a job that completely corresponds to my life mission, I feel fulfilled, perfectly in my place and financial abundance follows! 
In my personal life, I also notice that the PRK-1U brings to light the mechanisms of my ego and allows me to react less to them and deactivate them.
I free myself from old patterns and feel much more at peace and love with myself and others…”

“I have been using the device for a month and a half and I notice a clear acceleration and relevance of the synchronicities that lead me to the desired objective.
I feel very solution-oriented even though it is still research. I feel guided.
I also see a speed of change that I have been wanting for a long time and that I could not manage to do it alone. “