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Utilisateur depuis : janvier 2022

“My husband and I have been practicing with the physical PRK-1U since January 2022
We provided emergency home support to a family member.
Nothing was in place to accommodate her at home… with a very regular care system given her dependency.
The family was divided. Some members were against it, others were panicked, stressed or tired of carrying…
We used, together with the physical device, digital sequences on love, on family harmonisation and called events to be helped in this implementation.
In less than a week the situation has settled down. We experienced mechanisms that enabled us to meet the right people to help us.
Calm and harmony gradually returned to the house and family members came to our aid.
Thank you for this notorious help.”

Physical device
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Inconsistent support
Utilisateur depuis : Juin 2020

“My remote access supports me daily in my health recovery. I also feel important changes in my life and in my feelings.

Remote connection
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