Welcome to the PRK-1U Online World Meetings!

Welcome to the PRK-1U Online World Meetings!

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, 8 May 2021, at 8 p.m. CET.

Note this meeting in your agenda. It will already be the 10th monthly meeting since the launch of this event on 08.08.2020.

Why every 8th of the month?

The “eight” makes sense in the definition of its number and its writing: can you feel the vibratory resonance of the number 8 whose infinite curvature creates the link between the worlds?


Another reason to connect with Grigory Grabovoi on this day?

On the 8th day of the month, we practice concentration and awareness-expanding exercises in that this day is special for learning to control events by focusing on their consequences. The management technique for each 8th of the month is very effective and also helps to modify past events.


So what phenomenon will we observe this 8 May?

The theme of this evening is consciousness, the organisational structure that reflects the reality that we perceive and allows our soul to control our physical body.

So let’s apply this control of concentration and education of the consciousness, all together and united to achieve great results…

For this meeting, 8 teachers in 8 simultaneously translated languages will share their understanding and practical experiences to help us develop our concentrations within the framework of the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.

This event is free, and to receive the link to the live stream on our PRK1U YouTube channel, subscribe through:

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