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About PRK-1U

The PRK-1U is a technological innovation that is unprecedented in today’s scientific world. Created by the Russian physicist and mathematician, Dr. Grigori Grabovoi, it is the fruit of more than 20 years of research and development. It results from the theory of wave synthesis and the laws of quantum mechanics, which prove that the radiation of thought can have two simultaneous quantum states. Grigori Grabovoi has proven that thought is an electromagnetic biosignal, a weak light wave, which influences all elements of reality.

The PRK-1U device captures the informational waves of our thoughts and amplifies them, allowing them to act more effectively, accurately and quickly on reality so as to normalize any situation. Thanks to its optical and electromagnetic systems, the PRK-1U concentrates the radiation of thought, which allows it to have a real influence on our physical reality, what Grigory Grabovoi calls reality control. Veritably supportive, it participates in the structuring and development of our consciousness, which becomes more and more dense, concentrated and effective in the creation of our physical and subtle reality.

Like a giant magnet, it captures all the information from our environment which is in the norm and returns it to us in a highly concentrated form. Our body synchronizes itself on it like a tuning fork and, over time, learns to generate this vibration over time by itself. After a certain period of time of use (long or short, depending on the degree of our consciousness), our body permanently generates this optimal vibration by itself and we no longer need the device.

When we talk about information, we are talking about quantum waves that form the optimal information field in which we swim. This information can only be highly beneficial for us since it is the source of Life.

By emanating this optimal vibratory information, the PRK-1U significantly improves our concentration, increases the speed and productivity of our thinking and promotes the development of all our extra-sensory capacities.

Finally, the device evaluates the intensity of radiation required by each cell and then, through its optical and electro-magnetic fields, increases the radiation intensity of the target cell. Gradually, use of the PRK-1U allows the tissues of the physical body to evolve so that the body’s self-regenerating force is gradually activated in all cells and in an increasingly permanent way and in all cells.

We now know from quantum physics and Dr. Grigori Grabovoi that the structuring and development of human consciousness and concentration of thought have a primordial influence on the reality we live in.


“Method of disaster prevention and device for its implementation”

“The system of information transmission”

According to these patents, any thought interacting with the device is standardized by taking into account the harmony of all the elements of the world. 

For a harmonious and universal development of the world. That is why by working for the development of consciousness with the device, one cannot destroy or damage any life form… only constructive thoughts are amplified.

By constructive thoughts, Grigori Grabovoï means going in the direction of harmonious individual AND universal development.

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You are the world, you are eternity.
You possess immeasurable powers.
Your possibilities are limitless.
You are the embodiment of the creator.

In you, his will resides,
through his destiny you change the world.
In you, his love resides.
Love all life as he does, he who has created you.
Do not embitter your heart. Think good, do good.
Good will return to you with longevity.
Love will give immortality,
faith and hope, prudence.

With faith and love
your invisible powers will come alive.
And you will achieve all that you dream of.
Immortality, it is the face of life.
Just as life is the trace of eternity.
Create to live in eternity.
Live to create eternity.

Dr. Grigori Grabovoi

– message to human beings