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The PRK-1U is an unprecedented technological innovation.

It is a quantum device with optical systems that considerably accelerates the expansion of consciousness through the concentration of thought.

Our thought emits a wave and when we concentrate on a precise objective, the information is captured and amplified by the PRK-1U, which allows us to perform an action to control each event worked on.


on the goal

How does it work?

Technical description

This device is based on the fundamental level of information and the principle that a thought has some physical activity.

This activity acts as a biosignal which optically interacts with PRK-1U which intensifies it.


How do you use it?

Simple method for using
the PRK-1U device:

Each user has an individual configuration on the PRK-1U. The focus is given to the three optical lenses located on the surface of the device.

Example of a simple technology for using the PRK-1U: once you have chosen your objective, start by focusing on the lens with the smallest diameter, then rotate your gaze counterclockwise through the center of the three lenses. Keep your goal in mind throughout your concentration.


How does it affect your consciousness?

Effect on the consciousness

The PRK-1U interacts directly with the human consciousness.

Focusing on a goal with this unique technology increases the activity of the biosignal emitted, to faster achieve a result and a control of the reality.

Indeed, each of our thoughts has a certain physical activity, it emits a light biosignal and it is this biosignal that interacts with the PRK-1U when we work with it.

The device captures our biosignal, amplifies it considerably and gives it back to us, allowing us to have a greater impact on our events and to harmonize our daily life.


Why is the PRK-1U unique?

The PRK-1U technology is exceptional.

  • It is the only technology in the world capable of accelerating the expansion of human consciousness.
  • It considerably amplifies the biosignal of our thoughts to materialize them.
push your limits


Would you like to try the PRK-1U?

Sessions are regularly led by certified speakers.

With an individual configuration on the device for 90 minutes, experiment with the first methods of concentration.

This test allows you to clearly assess your perception qualities with and without the PRK-1U.

The experimentation session is a prerequisite if you wish to acquire a PRK-1U sublicense.

Ready for a first experience ?

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