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PRK-1U innovation technologique


PRK-1U remote connection


The remote connection solution

PRK-1U remote connection

The sublicense agreement for a PRK-1U remote connection.


1 212
4-year sublicense

CHF 1 448 *

Grants you access to:
Remote access to the PRK-1U device configured on you for 4 years.
Remote Connection User Guide

* VAT 7,7 % included

The physical device solution


PRK-1U device

The sublicense agreement to keep a PRK-1U physical device with you.


11 050 *
4-year sublicense

CHF 13 155 **

Grants you access to:
Provision of a physical PRK-1U device configured on you and up to 7 people of your choice.
7 configuration changes included.
A remote connection for yourself and all the people configured on the device for 4 years with a 7/7 and 24/24 access.
A start-up guide in PDF format
A user manual
4-year warranty
A free PRK-1U device holder
Free shipping

* Including 350 euros security deposit

** VAT 7,7 % included 350 euros securitu deposit

Subscribe to a PRK-1U Sublicense in 3 steps

Subscribe to a PRK-1U Sublicense in 3 steps


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Please note that a PRK-1U Immersive Experience session is a prerequisite for any PRK-1U sublicense agreement. To book your session : Click here



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Please follow the instructions  detailed in the email you will receive with your contract and sign it.


Complete the payment

Upon receipt of the email containing the payment link corresponding to the signed sublicense agreement, as well as your invoice, you will be able to make your payment.

Please note: the amounts do not include fixed charges and exchange fees that your bank may add to this international transaction, which are outside the scope of our control. The company EWO Infinite Developments SA is based at Route de Cossonay 5, 1031 Mex, Switzerland (registration number CHE-275.611.890).

Before proceeding with this purchase, we invite you to consult the general terms and conditions of sale and use of your bank card and to contact your bank in order to be aware of the conditions and any applicable fees.

The contract is finalized once these steps have been completed, your payment has been reflected in our accounts, and we have assigned you a physical device or remote connection number.

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