Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (referred to below as the “Policy”) sets out how collects and processes your personal data and how you can exercise your rights regarding that personal data.


1 - Our commitment to privacy protection

We take all appropriate measures to ensure we keep your personal data protected in accordance with the applicable legislation, and we aim to be transparent with respect to the practices we put in place, as we are fully aware how important this is to you.

In this respect, we undertake to adhere to the following principles:

  • You are under no obligation to provide us with the personal data we request from you. However, if you choose not to provide certain data, there may be particular services or products we are unable to provide;
  • We collect and process your data solely for the purposes described in this Policy or for the specific purposes we have informed you about and/or to which you have consented;
  • We apply the principle of personal data collection minimisation: i.e. we only collect and process the data necessary for the specific purposes intended;
  • We aim to keep your personal data as accurate and up to date as possible;
  • Where the personal data we hold is no longer relevant to our data processing requirements, and where we are under no legal obligation to retain it, we take all steps in our power to delete it, destroy it or render it anonymous.
  • Your personal data will not be shared or passed on except in accordance with the principles set out in this Policy.
2 - Data collection

We want to provide you with the best possible experience when using the products and services of The data we collect and process helps us to provide and improve our services, and to provide you with regular support and personalised recommendations of products, services and promotions.

The personal data we collect varies depending on the purpose of the collection and the service or product we provide to you. Generally, we may need to directly collect the following categories of personal data:
<li>Coordonnées personnelles, telles que votre nom, votre prénom, votre date de naissance, votre adresse e-mail, votre adresse postale et votre ou vos numéro(s) de téléphone ;</li>
<li>Identifiants utilisés pour accéder à votre compte en ligne, soit le nom d’utilisateur ;</li>
<li>Echanges avec nous, ce qui peut inclure l’historique des conversations ayant eu lieu par mail et par téléphone, du service client, de notre support technique;</li>
<li>Informations démographiques, telles que votre âge, votre genre et vos préférences de modes de vie ;</li>
<li>Historique de navigation, tel que les pages visitées, la date de la visite, la localisation lors de la visite, ou encore l’adresse IP ;</li>
<li>Informations de paiement pour des achats effectués sur l’un de nos sites internet. Les informations de paiement sont généralement votre nom, adresse et données de paiement, telles que votre carte de paiement ou votre numéro de compte bancaire;</li>
<li>Informations à propos de tierces personnes, telles que les données personnelles relatives aux utilisateurs que vous mentionnez pour le paramétrage du PRK-1U dispositif physique ;</li>
We may also indirectly collect personal data about you on social networks, third-party websites or applications promoting our products, when you interact with content relating to our products and services, for example when you click, share or comment on such content.

3 - Why we collect this data and how we process it.

We collect your personal data in order to provide you with a better online experience and ensure you can be confident in the quality of the products and services we make available to you. In particular, we may collect, retain, use and pass on your personal data for the following purposes:
<li>To process your payments when you purchase our products, to keep you informed about the progress of your order, to reply to your questions and requests for information, and to assess and process your claims and complaints;</li>
<li>To process and reply to the enquiries and requests for information you submit by email or via our websites;&</li>
<li>To develop and improve our products, services, communications methods and the functionality of our websites and/or applications;
To provide you with information and manage your registration for and/or subscription to our newsletter or any other service involving the sending of communications;</li>
<li>To better understand and evaluate the specific areas of interest and preferences of our consumers together with the way their requirements evolve over time, with a view to improving our websites/applications, products and services, and/or developing new products and services;</li>
<li>To provide you with personalised products and tailored communications and send you product recommendations based on your needs and requirements as a consumer.</li>
Where necessary, we will ask for your consent to process your personal data. Once you give your consent for activities relating to the processing of your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.

We may also sometimes have a legitimate need to process your personal data in the context of fulfilling or tracking the progress of an order you have placed with us, or in order to ensure the security of our events and IT systems, or to meet legal or regulatory obligations.

4 - Who has access to your personal data and where is it stored?

Your personal data is stored on secure servers and only accessible to personnel authorised to do so for the purposes described in this Policy.

We share data with external service providers (only when required to do so and to the extent necessary) in order to fulfil your orders and requests or to improve the quality and accessibility of our services. For example, we will provide your address details to our order dispatch service to enable them to deliver a physical order, or your email address to the operator of our websites to enable you to access your orders online.

The service providers we have selected guarantee to provide solutions compliant with European regulations concerning personal data, particularly through the implementation of technical and organisational measures designed to ensure that personal data is stored in a secure manner throughout the period of time it takes to achieve the purposes for which it is stored.

Where your personal data is processed by our service providers outside the European Economic Area (EEA), does everything in its power to ensure the international transfer of data involved is accompanied by appropriate security guarantees. We are therefore take care to ensure that:
<li>Contracts with our service providers contain clauses of a kind approved by the European Commission and designed to ensure compliance with the levels of security demanded by European regulations; or</li>
<li>Our service provider obtains and provides certifications from regulatory authorities attesting to the fact that they process personal data in a manner compliant with European regulations.</li>
Your personal data will not be shared or divulged for purposes other than those set out in this Policy. We may, however, pass your data on for other purposes where required to do so by the law and/or government authorities.

5 - How is the security of your personal data ensured? takes care to protect and secure your personal data by technical and organisational measures, including in particular on all the websites it controls in order to ensure its confidentiality and to prevent its distortion, damage, destruction or disclosure through unauthorised third parties. In particular, we use access controls, firewalls and secure servers, and we encrypt your personal data.

Although takes reasonable steps to protect your personal data, no transmission or storage technology is completely foolproof. In accordance with the applicable European regulations, in the event of a proven breach of personal data likely to generate a high risk for the rights and freedoms of the persons concerned, we undertake to communicate this breach to the competent supervisory authority and to the persons concerned, when this is required by said regulation.

6 - How long is your personal data kept?

Your personal data is kept for the duration of the subscription to the product or service you have contracted with, or as soon as you show an interest in our products and services by receiving or opening our communications.

7 - Cookies and other technologies

We may also automatically collect personal data about you through our use of cookies and other technologies. This can happen when you visit our websites or third-party websites, or when you consult online commercial offers using our mobile or third-party apps.

The information collected may in particular include information about the browser on your device and the operating system you are using; the IP address of the device you are using and its location; which of our internet pages you consult; the links you click on while interacting with our services.

We only use cookies to compile audience statistics and to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you on our websites.

More information is given on this subject in our Cookie Policy.

Legal Rights

8 - What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

Subject to the limits provided for by the regulations, and in particular our legitimate interest in processing your personal data in order to fulfil your orders or to comply with legal obligations, you have the following rights with regard to your personal data:
<li>Le droit à l’information sur le traitement de vos données personnelles ;</li>
<li>Le droit d’accès à vos données personnelles et aux conditions de leur traitement ;</li>
<li>Le droit de rectification de vos données personnelles lorsqu’elles ne sont plus à jour ;</li>
<li>Le droit à l’effacement de vos données personnelles ;</li>
<li>Le droit à la limitation du traitement de vos données personnelles ;</li>
<li>Le droit de retrait de votre consentement au traitement des données personnelles pour l’avenir, lorsque vos données sont traitées sur cette base ;</li>
<li>Le droit d’introduire une réclamation auprès d’une autorité de contrôle si vous estimiez que vos droits ne sont pas respectés.</li>
The company responsible for processing your personal data is EWO Infinite Developments SA, operating under the trade name, a Swiss company with capital of CHF 100,000, registered under number CHE-275.611.890 of the Trade Register of the Canton of Vaud and with registered office at Route de Cossonay 5, 1031 Mex, Switzerland.

Any reference to “” or “us” in this Policy refers to the aforementioned company.

If you have any questions about this Policy and/or would like to exercise your rights as described above, please email[email protected] undertakes to provide a response as soon as possible and in no more than one month counting from the receipt of the original request in all cases.

Happy browsing!

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