Discover the PRK-1U Welcome Experience

Discover the PRK-1U Welcome Experience
New on the site’s agenda: PRK-1U Welcome Experience

How did this event day come about?

It all started with you, inspired by everyone around the world …
We had an equation to solve: how to deploy the PRK-1U network, make this technology accessible to everyone personally, all over the world?
A world clock for simultaneous discovery events: thus the PRK-1U Welcome Experience was born, a dedicated 24-hour day so that throughout our wonderful planet Earth, you can experience the PRK-1U device in a time slot that fits where you live.

PRK-1U Welcome Experience universal identity card:

  • Numerical series of the experience 489107191
  • Ambassadors in your language: today in French, English and Spanish.
  • There are six to help you with the PRK-1U experimentation protocol and to guide you as close as possible to your origins in this learning. Choose the online session that’s right for you.
  • A date, the 14th, like Grigori Grabovoi’s birthday, a day of harmony with him.
  • As part of the systemic transmission of teachings on harmonious development and global salvation, a discovery of universal concentration to be shared between all, with a course of explanation of the themes and simple practices of technologies with the PRK-1U.


The PRK-1U is configured for you for the online experimentation session. To register, go to the PRK-1U Welcome Experience calendar.

You will obtain all the information on this day of the 14th in the language you have selected, with details of access times to the online session as well as to the universal concentration discovery.


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